Hello, I'm David,
and my current focus is on


​T​o me, one of the biggest privileges in life is to be able to meet interesting people and with them, work on meaningful projects. As a designer by trade (and schooling), for many years I’ve caught myself saying “no” when I wanted to say “yes” and saying “yes” when I couldn’t say “no.” I am looking for projects that will spark my curiosity and visions of a better future. How much I get paid is never a consideration when I select what to work on, because I firmly believe that passion and determination will always win against budgets and assets – even if it seems most of the world disagrees. My view of the design profession is very broad and I feel I can offer the greatest value in these areas:
Problem solving

Knowing what we want to achieve is usually the easy part. Finding solutions to our problems and understanding what we need to do to get there is more difficult. Sometimes an outside eye helps.

Design thinking

It usually never works to just build something. We need to fully understand the user. Being disciplined enough to prototype all the assumptions at the right time is the difference between success and failure.

User experience

Starting out, projects start by the team first making their product good enough, then good, and strive to make it great someday. Getting there depends on adapting it to meet all the needs of the user.